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             " Exquisite bicycle components for extraordinary dreams "

It is no secret Esquire Components loves competition and the component line was developed to put riders on the top step of the podium. 

 Esquire watched as our favorite events like 4X racing, dirt jumping and pump track racing fell off to the way side of technology development compared to events like XC , road and *gravel(*or insert here what ever the latest fad in biking is).   Esquire watched pump track racers on MTB's having a huge disadvantage as they lined up against the BMX racers. The BMX racers were simply on bikes made for high speed racing.  The MTB riders were on bikes designed for landing tricks, and weighed about 10 -12lbs heavier than the BMX bikes.  The MTBs are produced using over built parts that are designed for surviving 40' whip flips or landing 30' step downs in the north shore.

  Starting with pump track racing, Esquire meticulously goes over every part down to every last nut and bolt.  We look for the smallest detail that can be improved to give our riders a safe advantage.  

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We are big fans of trying to reduce our waste and impact on the earth,   we recycle as much as possible.

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